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Avoid Costly Mistakes with Underground Cable Locating Services

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May 18, 2023

In any electrical wiring job, accuracy and precision are key. Without these elements, you could be stuck dealing with costly mistakes and repairs. One way to ensure precision and accuracy is by using cable locating services.

Cable locating services help identify and map out underground cables that may be too deep or too difficult to trace visually. By using these services, you can avoid multiple costly mistakes and inconveniences.The utility locator technologies used by these specialists not only help prevent you from running over a buried cable or cutting one accidentally, but can also help find broken or damaged cables.

Cable Locating Methods

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to locate and trace underground cables without damaging the surrounding area or the network itself. This method works by sending radio waves into the ground and recording reflections; these reflections are then used to build an image of the underground area. While this method is non-damaging, it may require operators to carry out several scans in order to create a detailed view of the cable network.

Cable Fault Locating

Cable Fault Locators are primarily used to detect and locate faults in underground, overhead, and indoor cables. These locators use an integrated transmitter that sends an electric signal along the line to detect faulty connections. This is a great way to locate breaks in the cable network and will help ensure the network stays secure.

Unshielded Twisted Pair Tracer

The unshielded twisted pair tracer is a type of cable locating method that utilizes a small probe connected to a transmitter to detect signals on the cable. The signals emitted from the cable are detected and analyzed, allowing the cable to be accurately pinpointed.

Electromagnetic Profiling

Electromagnetic profiling is a type of cable locating method that uses an electromagnetic induction transmitter to send an EMF (electromagnetic field) signal into the ground. This EMF signal is then detected by the receiver. This method can provide technicians with a detailed image of the underground cables. The transmitter can be used to both identify the presence of cable as well as analyze the condition and depth of the cables.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cable Locating Services

1. Accuracy and Efficiency

Cable locating services provide a variety of benefits, starting with the expertise of the professionals on the team. Since these technicians are highly trained specialists, they are able to quickly and accurately identify where cables and electrical lines are located throughout a property. This saves time and prevents any major problems from occurring. The technician can quickly identify the exact type of cable, voltage, location, and depth of the cable line, all of which are essential if planning a construction project.

2. Save money on repairs

When you don’t go through the process of locating and protecting underground cables and pipes, you risk causing damage and costly repairs. By using cable locating services, you’ll know exactly where these utilities are and can protect them from any damage. This will keep repair costs to a minimum and save you both time and money.

3. Make sure your project is up to code

Cable locating services give you peace of mind when it comes to making sure your project is up to code. You can be sure that you won’t inadvertently damage any underground cables or pipes during the project. This will keep you safe from any potential lawsuits or government penalties.

4. Avoid dangerous accidents

Digging “in the dark” can be extremely dangerous. You could hit a cable or pipe, resulting in injury or worse. By using cable locating services, you can be sure to avoid accidentally drilling into underground utility lines. This can be especially important when dealing with hazardous materials, such as gas or electrical lines.

UtiliSource: Underground Utility Locator Services

Cable locating services are a smart and safe way to make sure your property and project are up to code and free from any damage. If you’re looking for underground utility locating services, UtiliSource has you covered. Our underground cable locating services provide efficient, precise, and reliable results for your project. Contact us today to experience the benefits of being one of our customers: underground locates delivered on-time and on-budget!

Don’t risk costly repairs, litigation, or injury. Use our cable locating services for your next project to facilitate damage prevention, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re keeping your property and project safe.

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