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When Should I Call Private Locate Services?

Private Locate Services
May 23, 2024

Anytime you are digging into the ground, you need to know what’s going on underneath your feet. If you dig before any subsurface investigation, you may accidentally damage water lines, gas lines, or electrical lines.

Not only can this cause expensive repairs, but an accidental utility strike is dangerous. That’s where companies like UtiliSource come in. We help you map out and mark any utilities or other subsurface objects on your property.

Continue reading to learn more about private utility locating services.

Call Before You Dig: Call 811

The phrase “call before you dig” comes from a campaign designed to inform people and companies about the importance of locating underground utilities before digging. From putting in a pool, building a fence, or relandscaping, you need to make sure no utilities are underfoot. 

811 is a free service used to locate public utility lines. However, it is important to remember that this service only applies to public lines, not private lines. Public utilities, and private, are located using specialized equipment and technology, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR).

When You Need Private Locate Services

After public lines are found, you still need to find and mark any private lines before you dig. A private line is any line that runs beyond the service meter. An example of this is electrical cables or gas lines that go from the meter to your home. 

Before you dig on your property, you need to know where these lines are. Often, utility maps are outdated or incomplete. Like public locate services, private locators use specialized equipment and technology to locate and mark underground utility lines.

A private utility locate service should be contacted every time you plan to dig. For any excavation project, you need to know what’s going on under your feet.

Common Private Subsurface Utilities

Most properties will have private utility lines that need to be located. It cannot be expressed enough – always call before you dig. Unmarked lines are dangerous and expensive to fix. 

Common lines that private locators find include:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Gas lines for pools
  • Septic lines
  • Storm drains
  • Electric lines for exterior lights
  • Propane lines
  • French drains

Where are Private Underground Utilities Found?

Private utilities lines are found on almost every property type. Private locators can be found in the following areas:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools
  • College campuses
  • Industrial areas
  • Government facilities
  • Commercial properties
  • Parking lots
  • Medical facilities 

How Much do Private Utility Locating Services Cost?

This is a tricky question to answer outright. The cost of locate services is dependent on a variety of factors. These factors include the size of the area, the complexity of the network, and the location. 

To learn more and get an accurate cost estimate for private locate services, consider reaching out to our team. At UtiliSource, we provide you with a complete view of what’s going on underneath your feet, giving you a high-quality map of underground utility lines.

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