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Private Locates

Dig smarter with private utility locates.

As a project manager, contactor, or construction company, you know that mismarked utilities can cost you both time & money. While public utilities can be found online or through the 811 processes, these don’t always give you the full picture. You need a clear map of private utility lines and any other underground anomalies that may derail in the construction process, causing delays & costly repairs. That’s where we come in.

Outdated infrastructure maps throwing a fork in your budget?

UtiliSource’s private locates service gives you a comprehensive underground view that includes digital mapping, cutting-edge technology, and most importantly, accurate results.

Problems we solve

Keep your improvement projects running smoothly with our private locates service. We use digital utility mapping to provide you with a comprehensive view of private utility locates, saving you on surprise bills in the future.
By locating and mapping the accurate depth and GPS coordinates of underground utilities, we eliminate unplanned repair costs and help you make more informed decisions for your next improvement project.
With real-time locating & mapping, your excavator receives an in-depth map of private utilities on time, allowing them to work safely and on schedule!
Accidents happen. When they do, UtiliSource’s private locates service provides you with a thorough digital map of underground utilities so that you can promptly notify emergency responders, homeowner, or employees about any potential damage.

Our clients include:

Construction Companies



Property management firms

Fuel station owners

Your next project deserves all the support it can get.

Our private locate services help you…

Reduce Downtime

With up-to-date infrastructure maps, you don’t need to worry about losing days to repair damaged utilities due to mismarked locates.

Stick to Deadlines

By providing you with a map that pinpoints the location and depth of utilities, we help you complete projects faster, reducing downtime and keeping your projects on schedule.

Save Money

Get the details you need to confidently plan and budget your next project with ease, avoiding any unwanted surprises along the way.

Avoid Accidents & Spills

Our comprehensive digital maps are collected using accurate GPS data to locate all privately-owned utilities and shut-off valves, ensuring smooth projects for years to come.

Why UtiliSource?

By integrating RTK equipment, rodders, infrared scanning, and drone imagery into our locating workflow, we provide precise private locates maps, every time.

Unlike other services, we accurately locate underground anomalies, such as empty conduits, helping you get a better visual of your property.

We use a comprehensive system to map public utilities while identifying private locates and presenting them on a digital map.

Unexpected utility hiccup? Book an emergency utility locates appointment. We’ll respond within 24 hours, keeping your project flowing smoothly.

Ready to start saving on utility repair and downtime?

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Locating Private and Public Utilities

Verify Private and Public Utilities

Digital Mapping of Infrastructure

Depth range of +/-1 ft

GPS coordinates with reference map

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