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The Importance of Underground Gas Line Locating

underground gas lines
June 8, 2023

In our increasingly complex world, the importance of locating underground gas lines is becoming more and more important. This is especially true in urban and suburban settings, where there are numerous gas lines and utilities running below the surface. Knowing exactly where each line is located can help prevent costly damage to property and the environment.

The Danger of Damaged Gas Lines

The dangers of damaged gas lines include explosion, fire, and contamination of the environment. Natural gas is flammable and if a line is leaking or otherwise compromised, it can pose a fire risk. Additionally, if the gas is leaking into the atmosphere, it can create air pollution and health hazards.

Knowing the location of gas lines is essential to safely assess and make repairs in hazardous situations, and also to avoid accidental damage during construction or digging.

Common Reasons for Underground Gas Line Locating

Construction Damage Prevention 

An underground piping system can be complex as it is difficult to identify exactly where they are located. Construction activities can cause serious risks posed to the existing pipework which can lead to costly damage. Undertaking a gas line locating process before construction can help to identify the exact location of the underground gas lines and services – ultimately preventing any potential damage from occurring. 

Maintenance and Repairs 

Underground gas lines can deteriorate over time and eventually corrode and break. Such damage can cause hazardous and expensive risks to occur. By accurately identifying the location of underground gas lines via a gas line locating process, maintenance and repairs can be undertaken quickly, cost-effectively and safely. 

Gas Line Installation 

When it comes to gas piping installations, accurately mapping out the gas line location beforehand can be invaluable. A gas line locating process can create a detailed map of the existing pipeline infrastructure, which makes it easier for engineers to install the new underground gas line without disrupting any existing pipes or cables.

Gas Line Locating Services: How They Work, Who to Call

Underground gas line locating services, or utility locating services, use special utility line locator equipment like ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic locators (EML) to detect and locate gas lines beneath the surface. These services can locate gas lines in places where they may not be visible, like deep underground. This means that they can help identify potential hazards and areas of concern before you begin your project.

Additionally, gas line locating services save you money in the long run. Without them, you’d have to pay for expensive repairs that could have been avoided with the proper precautions. Moreover, without being able to detect and locate gas lines, there’s a greater chance of damage to your property, which results in costly repairs and potential legal fees.

In sum, gas line locating services are a must for any construction project. They can help you detect any gas lines that may be below the surface and save you time and money in the long run. Use a gas line locating service to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently. 


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