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Understanding the Basics of Underground Sewer Pipe Locators

underground sewer pipe locator
July 13, 2023

When it comes to finding and performing sewer line repairs or sewer line replacements, you need a reliable and accurate tool to locate them. An underground sewer pipe locator is a specialized device used to locate sewer lines from the house to the street. It can also help you locate sewer lines on your property, such as sewer line cleanouts, drain pipes, sewer systems and more.

Renting a Locator

A sewer pipe locator can be rented or purchased depending on the job. A sewer pipe locator rental uses a combination of electromagnetic signals and radio waves to identify the position of underground utility lines. To use one, you just need to place the locator near the area where you think the pipes are located and it will detect and mark the location of the pipes. In some cases, it may take several passes to make sure you have the correct location.

How Deep is the Sewer Line in My Yard?

When it comes to finding out how deep the sewer line is in your yard, it’s important to know the depth of the pipe. If you’re replacing or repairing your sewer line, you want to make sure that you are digging deep enough to make sure the new pipe is installed correctly. Typically, sewer lines are buried anywhere from four to six feet deep, although the depth of the pipe can vary depending on where you’re located.

How to Find a Sewer Line Underground

To find a sewer line underground, the first step is to figure out where the sewer lines are located. This can be done by looking at a sewer lines map or by digging a trench in your yard. If you’re digging a trench, you should use a shovel and mark the location of the pipe as you go. Once you’ve marked the location of the pipe, you can then use a sewer pipe locator to find the exact location of the pipe, you can then use a sewer pipe locator to find the exact location of the pipe and make sure you’re digging deep enough for the repair or replacement.

Issues During Sewer Cleanout

When it comes to repairing and replacing underground sewer lines, tree roots can be a big problem. Tree roots can damage and clog sewer lines, making it difficult to repair or replace them. If you think that tree roots are the cause of your problems, you should contact a professional plumber to inspect the line and determine the best course of action.

Most sewer lines are made of cast iron, which is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. However, if the pipes become damaged or clogged, they may need to be replaced. 

Using an underground locator is a great way to locate and repair underground sewer lines. It’s important to make sure you’re using the correct locator for the job and mark the location of the pipe before you start digging. If you’re replacing the pipe, make sure you bury it at least four feet deep.

Underground Sewer Line Locating Services

Many people assume that they can rent the necessary equipment and try their hand at sewer line locating, but this is often not the best solution. While there is locating equipment available to rent, sewer pipe locating services can ensure the job is done right. 

Professional utility locate services employ skilled experts who have years of experience locating underground utility lines. This increases the safety factor of an operation, and guarantees that your lines are located with the most accuracy and that no damage or disruption in the process.

Locating services are especially beneficial when you are dealing with different types of systems. Homes and businesses are equipped with various types of sewer systems including lateral and main line, SANI lines, storm lines, and manholes. Different equipment may be used to locate these lines depending on their location and depth.

UtiliSource: Sewer Pipe Locating Done Right

If you need the most accurate and reliable underground utility locating services, UtiliSource is here to help! We have years of experience in sewer line locating and our experts can help you get the job done properly. Let UtiliSource help you identify and locate underground sewer lines quickly and efficiently for all of your projects. Call us now to get the underground utility locating support you need.

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