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Utility Design & Engineering

Utility Design & Engineering

Design, own, and operate your engineering network with confidence.

Are you faced with the fear of having to replace an entire system due to a lack of asset information? Did your last system failure result in system-wide failures and long recovery times? Are you unsure about whether to repair or replace a part? These are some common issues and concerns our clients approach us with. Luckily, getting concise, up-to-date information about your engineering network from industry experts can help you avoid these uncertainties in the future. That’s where we come in.

Confused about your system’s current condition & assets? You don’t have to be.

We provide you with the knowledge and data you need to make informed decisions, boosting your reliability and ensuring safe operations while reducing costs. With UtiliSource’s electrical engineering service, you identify and resolve issues before they become costly problems. The best part? You save time and money, all while avoiding unnecessary regulatory mishaps.

Power your network with a full-service engineering team.

UtiliSource offers a personalized engineering service supported by in-depth research, GIS mapping, fiber network designs, material requirements, feasibility studies, and more. Our comprehensive service equips you with the technical and bureaucratic expertise you need to complete your project on schedule.

Master your industry with quick design & delivery.

Have you been falling behind on your project timeline due to slow design turnarounds or inaccurate construction sheets? Finding a reliable fiber optics and electrical engineering partner that can fulfill all your needs is the foundation of your project’s success. Luckily, UtiliSource is here to help.

Problems We Solve

Our clients include:

Investor-owned utilities


Internet Service Providers

Industrial Users

Electric Co-ops


Independent Power Producers

Generation & Transmission entities

Tribal Entities

Established CLECs, ILECs, and ISPs

Empower your plant with strategic replacement & repairs

Our fiber network design & electrical engineering service helps you…

By strategically identifying the best use of your funds, we increase the reliability of your system, reducing your O&M spend. From weathering steel tower replacements to re-conductoring, we help you make the most of your investment!

Maximize your ROI

Having a clear picture of all the parts in your engineering network allows you to optimize the whole system for faster overall response times.

Operate your grid more efficiently

Automated sectionalizing equipment reduces system-wide failures, boosting your company’s operations and credibility!

Boost your system’s reliability

With equipment ratings for different seasons and environmental conditions, you get the information you need to meet FERC Order 881 and reduce the possibility of a regulatory issue.

Reduce regulatory issues

UtiliSource’s comprehensive system studies empowers you to quickly bounce back from faults with up-to-date information, reducing the number of contingencies used.

Recover from faults seamlessly

In a world with unpredictable supply chains, we help you reduce lead times to meet your client’s needs and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Improve customer retention

Why UtiliSource?

UtiliSource’s engineering solutions help you outperform your competitors while staying on budget and on schedule.

With a rich blend of experience, our dynamic team offers fresh perspectives on your engineering network, helping you gain a deep understanding of your system’s evolving needs.

Multi-generational talent

With a dedicated engineering team, you get customized guidance toward the best solution for your project.

A team of your own.

Drawing on a wealth of international expertise, we craft innovative electrical engineering solutions tailored to the unique challenges of clients worldwide.

International expertise

Stay informed remotely with real-time updates on our cloud-based dashboard, updated by our field engineers during walk-throughs.

Cloud-based technology

Empower the future of your plant with system designs that are optimized for constructability, operability, and maintenance.

Construction background

From project inception to shovel-ready

Our end-to-end fiber optics & engineering design service means:

Our full-service engineering service allows you to deal with only one contractor, and one invoice for all your project’s needs. That means less meetings and more time to focus on the big picture!

One Invoice

Get accurate construction sheets and design plans with a quick turn-around to keep your project on schedule.

Faster Service

Upgrade your records with everything from operations manuals to installation procedures and drawings for streamlined projects and updates in the future.

Better Records

Outperform your competitors with a customized design that aligns with your organization’s values and goals.

Customized Design

Turnkey solutions mean getting support with the nitty gritty, like networks and certifications to comply with state or federal requirements.

Less Stress

Sometimes, you need a bit of extra expertise. Whether it's technical input for Environmental Assessments or documentation support, we've got your back.

Specialized Reports

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