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4 Benefits of Damage Prevention for the Telecom Industry

damage prevention
June 27, 2024

The Common Ground Alliance’s 2022 DIRT report named telecommunication lines as the most frequently damaged utility in 2022. This was also the case in 2019. In fact, telecom underground facilities accounted for more excavation damage than all other utilities combined. In addition, telecommunications work led to the most damage to underground utilities. 

Telecommunication companies are spending massive amounts of money to install fiber optic networks and other critical infrastructure. This important work provides equitable access to the internet and other digital resources. These projects enable economic growth and social development in underserved areas.

The stats reported above show a need for damage prevention plans and programs. These programs will help decrease strikes to telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, they will also decrease the number of damages that occur during installation projects. 

It is important to note that you need to know what’s going on underground before you dig. Underground utilities need to be located and marked before excavation can begin. Damage prevention programs are integral to every project, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively. Know what tickets are most at risk and stop utility strikes before they happen.

There are a variety of benefits to damage prevention programs. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of damage prevention for telecom. 

  1. Increase Safety

One of the biggest benefits to damage prevention programs is that they reduce accidental utility strikes. Not only are accidental strikes expensive, but they are also dangerous. Increase community and job site safety with damage prevention.

Underground utilities pose a hazard to crews and communities during every excavation project. Hitting a line can cause property damage, flooding, explosions, and injury. Taking a proactive approach and employing damage prevention services leads to safer job sites. The biggest benefit to damage prevention services is that they keep workers and communities safe.

  1. Save Money

Another huge benefit to damage prevention programs is that they save a lot of money. Utility strikes are an expensive ordeal. Any damage to underground infrastructure needs to be repaired – these repairs are costly. 

Every year, tens of billions of dollars of cost are incurred through utility strikes. This accounts for both direct and indirect costs due to damages. Damage prevention programs help you avoid strikes altogether. By reducing damages to underground infrastructure, you reduce the need for expensive repairs.

  1. Stop Outages

Another huge benefit of damage prevention services is that they keep services running and decrease outages. It can take a lot of time, effort, and troubleshooting to identify, find, and resolve any issues. 

Outages are not only frustrating to your customers, but can be dangerous. Essential services like 911 call centers and hospitals rely on telecom services. 

What happens if a line is cut that services a 911 call center? This did happen in Pennsylvania in 2021. 14 counties were affected and were unable to call emergency services for several hours. 

Your customers expect reliable, fast internet speeds. With damage prevention services that focus on physically protecting lines, you can prevent outages before they occur.

  1. Keep Customers Happy

Another huge benefit of damage prevention services is that they help keep your customers happy. By reducing outages and providing fast, reliable services, you will better retain customers. Unlike other utilities, people have a choice in their telecom service provider. Other service providers may offer promotions when people switch. 

Invest in damage prevention services and keep your customers happy. By reducing utility strikes, you keep your services up and running. Your customers will have less motivation to switch if you provide fast, reliable service.

For more information about how damage prevention services can help your business, contact UtiliSource today.

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